PERTE on the social and care economy


On 05/27/2022, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced the PERTE on the social and care economy. A sector, that until now has never had the recognition it deserves.

According to the president, the first objective of this new PERTE (strategic project for economic recovery and transformation) is to “develop the full potential of the social economy”, a sector that currently accounts for 10% of Spanish GDP and employs more than two million people through 43,000 companies.

He assured that the Government seeks to improve the competitiveness of the sector, with measures for the digital and environmental transformation of these organizations, and promote cooperation mechanisms between SMEs. In short, “reinforce the entrepreneurial capacities of social economy companies”, “strengthen advanced services in the field of care” and “promote work-life balance”.

However, the “strategic objective” pursued by this PERTE aims to position the Spanish social economy “as a benchmark in Europe”, through a “vanguard hub”. “Its mission may be to propose guidelines, identify formulas for a more inclusive economy, create social impact assessment methods…”

Projects all of them to be carried out progressively until 2026.

As a provider of ICT services, IDI EIKON identifies itself with such plans, that has always considered important for the sector. IDI EKON feels capable of proposing solutions (that obviously require reaching a minimum quorum to be viable), to respond to the abstractions of the great PERTE plans.