e-Preventions (extension)


Project: e-Preventions (extensión)
Línea de financiación: Línea REACTIVA IVF- INVERSIÓN
Nº expediente: 9889

Objective of the e-Preventions Project (extension)

 IDI EIKON has been developing services and solutions for the Spanish and European socio-healthcare market since 2005, under the name e-PREVENTIONS as a meta-platform.

As a result of an in-depth analysis of this market and its needs and demands, IDI EIKON decided to undertake in 2021, 2022 and 2023 an extension of the internal research and development project to expand this meta-platform on which to model and provide services to different actors of the socio-health market (clinicians, patients, managers and third-party providers).

The new extension of the IDI EIKON meta-platform, called e-PREVENTIONS, is designed and built to provide a series of capabilities and functions that contribute to enhancing Value-Based Medicine (VMB) services and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).

Final Objective of the e-Preventions Project (extension)

The final objective of e-PREVENTIONS is to be a technological platform, that works from any browser and device with access to the Intranet/Internet, that allows:

  • Pass from paper to implementation of the care plans or healthcare management strategies of a healthcare organization (by healthcare setting, by pathology, by patient profile…).
  • Transform each care plan or assistive care route into an interactive calendar of tasks in order to:
    • The digitization of care plans and their transformation into an interactive calendar of tasks
    • Measure performance
    • Use of Dashboards and Reports
    • Cross information
    • Use data for studies and analysis based on procedures that allow decision making
    • Return information to pre-existing systems (medical history)
    • The active participation of the patient in care management

Outcomes of the e-Preventions Project (extension)

The development carried out throughout the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, through the different phases described in the Execution Report, has made it possible to currently have an operational platform that allows achieving the set objectives, being also ductile and flexible when it comes to addressing new challenges.

In 2023, IDI EIKON is already marketing e-PREVENTIONS in the Spanish socio-health market under the AdsuM++ brand for both primary use (regular patient monitoring) and secondary use (biomedical research) in different organizations such as the General University Hospital of Valencia, the IVO Foundation (Valencia) or the 12 de Octubre Hospital (Madrid).