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Biometrics Solutions

Biometrics can register and identify individuals based on the analysis of certain distinctive features unique to each person such as fingerprint, hand recognition, face recognition… and convert them to digital format.

IDI Eikon works by fingerprint recognition, showing very useful for detecting the entry and exit of any person in construction work, public works, temporary employment, agricultural and livestock, control of rounds, wireless visit control…

Individual on-line authentication is performed at the same time puts the stamp on the reader device, obtaining the result in a time less than one second.

Our biometrics platform is embedded in our business applications (pure internet) in order to strength authentication systems in several contexts as: e-Government, Human Resources, e-Health, children gardens, schools, industries, immigration controls and so on. The most successful case has been deployed in Spain with a geo-distributed application to identify workers at the countryside. Our customers are identifying more than 5.000 people daily with our mobile biometrics solution.