Digital Inclusive e-Government

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Public GovernmentDIEGO (Digital Inclusive e-Government) is a project co-financed by the European Commission to provide access to e-Government services for all citizens, with special attention to the elderly, people with disabilities or people with lack of user skills.

The main objective is to provide access to eGovernment services that are comfortable, user-friendly and available by means of multiple channels: TV, PC, mobile phone and even kiosks, specially displayed by the town councils.

CitizenshipDIEGO will bring the administration closer to citizens in easier ways to carry out procedures in town councils, health centres, municipal libraries, and other administration services.

DIEGO will contribute to improve citizens’ quality of life through e-Government by providing information about activities, authenticated access through Digital ID, the possibility to schedule appointments or perform these procedures by audio conferences, etc.

Coordinated by the Valencia company IDI Eikon, DIEGO European project comprises a Consortium of 12 partners in 6 European states: Italy, UK, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. It lasts 24 months and has a total budget of 5 million Euros.

The project ended on September 2012. Its results remain under the name of GOVERNALIA, where e-Government Services can be found.