Proactive Care

AdsuM++ (A++) offers an innovative idea to manage all the challenges socio-sanitary systems need to tackle. Its basic portfolio of services allows to:

  • Be integrated with pre-existent IT tools, like EHRs or HIEs, to change how care is planned and delivered (it is interoperable).
  • Design scalable pro-active care plans to detect and anticipate care needs before patients need to use scarce and expensive resources, like emergency rooms and hospital stays (it is a preventive way to deliver care to patients).
  • Coordinate care efforts along as many care providers as needed, including doctors, nurses, social workers and even patient and its related caregivers, as part of a multi-disciplinary group engaged with patient’s care management. This ensures any relevant socio-sanitary data or care action flows along patient’s “circle of care” independently on where a provider is based or how many organizations participate from this multi-disciplinary care delivery process.
  • And maybe what is most important and different from other socio-sanitary IT tools: AdsuM++ (A++) transforms designed care plans into scheduled actions all stakeholders (being providers or patients) can manage and attend using AdsuM++ (A++) Calendar feature, so engagement, performance, generated savings, increased satisfaction levels and effectiveness of pro-active care models being delivered is successfully measured. Customers can track how A+ boosts their businesses.