The activities of R&D are an essential component at both corporate and national level. The authorities are becoming increasingly aware that these activities are key to economic growth of the country and, increasingly, encourage the launching of such projects.

The activities of R&D are complex and not easy to ensure results and make it on time. The innovative process is multidisciplinary and requires sharing expertise, know how, etc. When R&D is not incorporated in the enterprise strategy, is usually not perceived as an opportunity to add value to business.

To alleviate this situation, CONSORTIA, minimizes or eliminates the factors, which hinder the innovative development and provides the possibility to carry out R&D in an easy, efficient and effective way. CONSORTIA is a fully web-based software which allows your organization to manage the R&D projects from everywhere and contributes to reach successful results to your projects due to its “open” structure, offering the opportunity to give access to your consortium partners.


Management of Projects and Services
  • Planning
  • Resources Allocation
  • Time Control
  • Process Management
  • Documentary Management
  • Access Control by User Groups
Resource Management
  • Maintenance
  • Calendars of Usage
  • Documents
Competence Structure
  • Human Resources Competences Record
  • Project and Service Competences
Human Resource Management
  • Cost Record
  • Public and Private Data
  • Project and/or Service Assignment
  • Attendance Control
  • Time Allocation Control
Controller and Statistic Graphs
  • Human Resources
  • Projects
  • Services
  • Follow-up (GANT graphs)
“Permanent Audit” Tool
  • For the compliance with the Norm

Main e-OER CONSORTIA Benefits:

  • Integration with other e-OER “SaaS” modules: Human Resources, Employee Portal, CRM, Invoices Received, Selection, Time Management, Accountability.
  • Can be executed from the e-OER Portal interface or either to be integrated in hyper-thematic portals. This means it can play as a “white label” within specific projects portals.
  • A “Safe Use” insurance if contracting BSP (business service provision) modality. in the face of specific situations preventing the use of Consortia, we can do it for you.
  • Auditable documents generation, digitally signed (payrolls, social security contributions, personal income taxes…) as the own auditing certification digitally signed.
  • Time sheets per Resource-Activity-Period (monthly, weekly or daily) signed manually or digitally by the employees from the Employee Portal.
  • Integration into European, National and Regional, R&D+I, Programs Management.
  • Advance system to estimate the consolidation of resources assigned for a preventive overbooking control.
  • Advance system to optimize the allocation of resources.

More info:

e-OER CONSORTIA (pdf – only in Spanish)