Health Infographics: EIP-AHA

IDI Eikon has adapted for the European project INCA six infographics on how the EIP on AHA is improving the quality of older people.

The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) was set up to bring together regions, industry, research institutions and healthcare professionals to identify and remove barriers to innovation for active and healthy ageing.

Although ageing is one of the greatest societal challenges of European economy, the EIP on AHA work has highlighted that ageing is an opportunity for the future rather than a burden. Over the last three years partners have collaborated to deliver innovative ideas for healthy ageing from prevention, screening and early diagnosis to care and cure as integral pathways and to active ageing and independent living.

Coinciding with European Summit on Active & Healthy Ageing, the European Commission launched a series of infographics which offer an overview of the work undertaken by the Partnership to respond to the societal challenge of ageing. We encourage you to have a look at how the EIP on AHA is changing the landscape of ageing in Europe.

Link to access Infographics: