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Success story AdsuM++ (A++)

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Manises Hospital is the public reference hospital for an area covering 20 municipalities and more than 200.000 patients in Valencia Region (Spain).

Manises Hospital runs an innovative management model where a private health insurance company (Sanitas, belonging to BUPA UK-based group) organizes the public delivery of care in exchange of a cap per patient paid by Valencia Region government.

hospital-manisesIn this model, optimizing resources and keeping high levels or satisfaction among patients is critical to ensure the Hospital earns money. Manises Hospital uses AdsuM++ (A++) to achieve this.

AdsuM++ (A++) is used to design and deploy specific care plans and pathways for Chronic Patients (Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases…) and other target groups (obesity, fibromyalgia…).

By doing so, multi-disciplinary groups of providers are created and commanded to track patient’s conditions since early stages. This ensures patient is accompanied while illness evolves to higher-risk tiers, and at the same time, preventive care actions and educational care actions are deployed.

Results since AdsuM++ (A++) was initially deployed back in 2014 show that:

  • Patients are benefiting from this early-stage care and real-time tracking, and then are evolving slowly towards higher-risk tiers for their condition, saving plenty of health resources from being consumed.
  • Care delivery is mostly shift from Hospital to Primary Care providers, so expensive resources (visits to ER rooms, hospitaladmissions, specialists visits) are minimized.
  • Nursery resources, just under-utilized before AdsuM++ (A++), are now responsible for plenty of care delivery actions. And as nurses are guided by AdsuM++ (A++) on how to deploy care, they do not need very specific skills or trainings.
  • AdsuM++ (A++) fully integrated with Manises Hospital Health Information System (HIS), automatically updates care plans when specific situations happen (hospital admission = plan temporarily suspended; hospital discharge = new set of care actions added…).
  • As care delivery feedback flows along the multi-disciplinary groups, Hospital resources consumption is reduced by by-passing care to Primary Care resources (i.e. as Manises Hospital Providers can check if a Heart Failure patient is already being attended by Primary Care Providers using AdsuM++ (A++) a usual 5-days stay at the Hospital is now taking 3-days, so savings are not only in avoiding admissions but also in reducing hospital stays average duration).
  • Currently, more than 600 providers are using AdsuM++ (A++) at Manises Hospital and close to 5.000 patients are already benefiting from this new pro-active care delivery model.