AdsuM++ (A++) / INCA

AdsuM++ (A++) is the technological platform which supports the project INCA (INclusive INtroduction of INtegrated CAre). This project has as main aim to coordinate the socio-sanitary services of the different administrations, aiming to reduce costs and increase and improve patients care, mainly those with chronicities.

don-pepitoIDI EIKON, Leader and Coordinator of INCA, has developed AdsuM++ (A++) to support personalized Care Plans, according to segmentation and each patient needs, to monitor and track them and to measure its effectiveness. In summary, a tool to address the challenges all organizations dealing with Chronic Patients Programs and/or Long-term care are facing every day. Besides addressing chronic patients, the tool can be also extended to cover different care sectors needs.

The initiative that is supported by the European Union,wants to contribute innovative solutions to the current state of art in the management of Chronic Programmes, aspiring to integrate or facilitate the integration of social programs into the, until now, almost exclusively clinical vision of the care chain problematic, with an implementation progressive and flexible according to each customer priority.

INCA puts the patient in the centre with a personalized network of stakeholders (Social Services / Service providers, GPs, Specialists, Caregivers, Volunteers…), empowering patients that will be able to communicate directly with their circle of care.

INCA is a 100% Internet and served from the Cloud (other options are also possible). Thanks to this, the benefits for socio-sanitary professionals and medical organizations are many, because the model assures access to the information flow, according to each user profile from anywhere, at any time. The monitoring and tracking tools easy the continuity of care between professionals (domiciliary care > case manager > primary care > secondary care).

Then, you can see the institutional video project:

INCA Video: Social and health care integration made easy for everyone

Presentation of the Projet INCA by Miguel Alborg (CEO of IDI EIKON) during the e-Health Week 2015 (Riga, Letonia)