Since 1991 we participate in projects at Regional, National and European level.

Our services include also to offer our experience to those companies users or generators of technology that are willing to participate. in projects, specially IC&T (Information and Communication Technologies) projects, and have not yet enough experience. Participating in projects, especially if Coordinating them, requires of some skills and capabilities to carry out them with a minimum guarantee for success, although final results can never be assured.

IDI Eikon has over 20 years experience as a partner and coordinator of european projects”
The advantages of participating in a project are various and all important (to remain competitive, to innovate, to share risks, technological renovation, access to information, international collaboration, image, new markets and business opportunities, returns and financial help). Statistics demonstrate that 90% of the companies that have participated in a project are willing to do it again, although it is true that each passing year is getting more and more competitive and hard.

Most of IDI EIKON developments are the result of the R&D projects carried out through Regional, National and European projects. Services like those offered in the areas of e-Government, e-Health, Energy, Business Management, e-Inclusion, etc… all under the “SaaS” (Software as a Service), are covered by different lines of these programs.

Research & Development

We are considered a R&D performing SME since we devote a high percentage of our resources to research and innovation. IDI EIKON has two objectives for Research and Development: supporting the improvement of operational performance and enhancing existing expertise. In the IDI EIKON Roadmap, R&D is a dedicated function, and even without a budget of its own, we give priority to this area, since R&D enhances efficiency in operations through the development of innovations and new methods. Another goal is to be able to rapidly deploy R&D results in practical activities. Making operations strategically oriented are also high priorities.