atomice-OER ERP is a complete system allowing to manage from a unique interface the resources of Services Enterprises, those we primarily address with this solution.

e-OER (Strategic Organization of Resources) supports and covers Human Resources and Financial Management and partially primary functions as Customers and Purchases, not including, actually, manufacturing functions

However, additionally it includes within the same application and integrated with the other areas, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), function.

e-OER ERP has been designed natively for the web, thus it is accessible from the Internet and/or any device Internet connected, while providing a secure and simply access, making unnecessary any installation on local computers.
In e-OER architecture, philosophy, rules and interfaces are shared. Users can decide if to use or not a particular feature and can also, on demand, ask for specific personalisation’s.

As an evolution of the ASP (application service provider), e-OER is offered as a “SaaS” (software as a service) solution.

IDI EIKON supports and maintains the application serving customers through the net, what means customers do not need to have anything installed on their computers.

With such a solution (SaaS), IDI EIKON enable SMES to access applications until now exclusivity (because of their cost) of large organizations.

Pay a fee for access to a service is attractive for companies that want to be released from the effort that represents to install, configure and buy the hardware and software necessary for a computer service in their own organization. While investments are housed directly in the balance sheet of the company, the payment of a service becomes an expense that can even be anticipated a priori.


medalSome of the more outstanding benefits of e-OER ERP are:

  • Service support is included in the use of it (during office hours).
  • Maintenance and general improvements are included.
  • Does not require a specific hardware at the customer premises.
  • Customer does not need to worry about hardware maintenance.
  • Minimizes costs and creates a flexible and scalable model for the client’s growing business and according to its needs .
  • Overall control to all organization processes: selection, training, invoicing, accounting, salaries…
  • Value Added Services: if you cannot do it, we (e-OER) do it for you”.
  • Organization processes digitization: Payrolls, Invoicing (even for invoices generated outside e-OER), Electronic Signature, Contracts, Candidate Selection, Automatic posting of invoices received, etc.