Open Government, Transparency and Accountability

GOVERNALIA: Citizenship Participation

The contribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can leverage the exercise of democracy effectively.

GOVERNALIA “Citizen Participation”  is a participatory tool to foster collaboration and active participation of citizens in decision-making on the municipal or regional management.

GOVERNALIA “Citizen Participation” allows citizens to propose and express their views to local government through solutions such as

  • Opinion polls
  • Participatory budgets
  • Consultation on census polling station

The proposed solution aims to be an innovative contribution in the attempt to reconcile the voting system with a process of collective deliberation, in order to guarantee the right of the individual to participate and intervene in the management and decision-making in the locally, this being one of the fundamental rights of citizens, constituting an inseparable part of democratic society.


Differential Features

  • Using objective criteria for prioritizing and weighting of proposals
  • Modular personalized services that allow configuring the solution according to the characteristics and needs of the Municipality or Autonomous Region
  • Universal participation (one citizen, one vote) through tools of Electronic Direct Democracy (EDD) for the consultative process
  • Increased reliability of the consultative process validated against the Municipal or Regional census
  • Communication and deliberation tools for the transparency of the participatory process in a collaborative and institutionalized way
  • Interoperability: on demand integration with different tools and technologies already in use in the Municipality or Autonomous Region


GOVERNALIA Participatory Budgeting allows citizens to propose and decide on part of municipal resources. The solution allows for greater transparency and efficiency in municipal management by sharing rulers and ruled where the taxes are going to be spend; allows a rapprochement between administration and citizens and creates spaces for dialogue between politicians, neighbors, communities and technical personnel.

Its main objective: the direct participation of citizens in the budgeting process, being able to track the commitments made.

Promotes collective reflection

Budgeting Viewer

GOVERNALIA Where does my money go?

It is an interactive solution to visualize how budgets are distributed, showing in a graphical and intuitive way where revenues come from and what the spending is. Not only it aims to open a window of governance, but to show the reality of income and expenditure, both Budget Planning and Execution, so that anyone can understand the information published.

GOVERNALIA Where does my money go? is a tool intuitive enough to be understood by people with no previous experience, but at the same time shows the reality of a Municipal or Regional budget as a whole, covering both the revenue and the expenditure sides, allowing to people interested in knowing more, dive into the details of each budget item.

Differential Features

  • Portal Web for viewing budgets where information is represented visually through interactive graphics organized hierarchically according to three classifications: functional, economic and organic
  • Temporary controls and filters that allow the user to limit the temporal range of data and enable the display of historial data contextualizing the evolution of information
  • Importation procedures following standard formats (CSV, XML, etc.) to incorporate budgeting data from previous years
  • Unlike alternative solutions on the market, GOVERNALIA Where does my money go? offers the following additional features:
  • Indicators definition and normality thresholds for the different budget items and its monitoring
  • Semantic search to improve the accuracy of results enriching the way to treat the information to make it more natural and closer
  • Possibility, through connectors “web-services” to integrate alternative existing applications (economic, financial…) in the muncipality or autonomous region for reading and synchronizing  information in real time, avoiding the intermediate step of temporary files.


GOVERNALIA: Integrated Appointments

Despite the many existing tools in the market, very few solve effectively the coordination between different agendas of a working team. Governalia Integrated Appointments is an Internet innovative solution and shared calendars that speeds and simplifies the process of requesting an appointment, improving citizens attention and avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

Governalia Integrated Appointments allows citizens to schedule appointments with municipal technical services for personal ised attention, advice and undertaking of different formalities in just 3 clicks, immediately and from any device with Internet access. Similarly, allows the booking of different municipal services such as sports facilities and event rooms, facilitating efficient management of public resources, avoiding queues and unnecessary waiting.

Differential Features

  • Shared agendas that create, manage and share events with other people in your environment in the different agendas
  • Invite your collaborators and grant them personalised access per Agenda
  • Create your own routines by assigning repetitive tasks in the different agendas in an automated way
  • Search by keyword and filters and find any event in any agenda
  • Plan holidays and absences of team members, reports its availability and facilitates internal coordination
  • Publication of the agenda of public representatives, a tool of transparency so that, inter alia, the activity of lobbyists is completely transparent
  • Cloud software platform, accessible from any device, anywhere with Internet access
  • Events exportation  to different standard formats such as CSV or PDF

GOVERNALIA: Inclusion / General Services

Governalia  Inclusion  / General Services is a technological solution allowing to design any type of content in Internet in an easy and inclusive way. It also allows that the efforts of Public Administrations (PPAA) for initiating new eAdministration services:

  • Be easier and reach more people: services reach EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY can take part in them.
  • Be multi-channel: the same services can be used through different channels more convenient, practical and usual for the citizens (PC, Kiosks and Tactile Equipments, Television, Devices and Mobile Phones)
  • Be innovatice: to the current range of services, a wide spectrum on interactive services are added encouraging citizens participation.

Differential Features

  • General information of interest to Citizens: resource guide, programs, facilities, people … through customizable forms with direct links to communicate with officials and municipal technicians.
  • Cartographic inormation of the municipal territory for the creation of service maps, points of interest, tourist information…
  • Creation, dissemination and management of multimedia content of general interest: video, music, photography … for municipal live repositories of information, supporting initiatives for citizens participation
  • Updated News and information about the city
  • Integration with the Official Gazettes: BOP, DOCV and BOE
  • eGovernment services: In addition, and in order to enhance the efforts made by the modernization of the administration to e-Government, the platform will be ready to apply in future development phases, capabilities and accesibility technical aids, transferring their  benefits of ease of use and impact to the electronic environment between Local Administration and Citizens.


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