Employability Promotion and Economic Promotion

In a context of severe budgetary constraints, unemployment continues to top the list of our main problems and is one of the biggest concerns of local governments.

Local Development and Municipal Employment Agencies,  need to have innovative tools that, beyond the conventional and minimal compliance with the requirements for registration in the Register of Employment Agencies, enable them to converge on the Employment Strategies Programmes and participate from its funding.

Governalia Employability Promotion is an innovative answer allowing a detailed Operative and Strategic Planning at “local” or “proximity” level, of the actions to be carried out in the Employment Strategies to increase the employability opportunities.


Governalia Employability Promotion is an ICT platform “in the cloud” which allows the progessive adaption of Placement Agencies to the demands of the Strategies for Employment and it is especially suitable for the provision of “employability” highly distributed, for the roles involved and its geographical scope, and which is implemented in two phases:

First Phase:

  • Information Portal.
  • Dissemination and advertising.
  • ICT tool for intermediation.

Second Phase:

  • Strategic and operational planning, at local level or proximity.
  • Services that increase “guidance to the applicant” of employability.
  • Telematic services that enhance the performance of Placement Agencies.


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