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A software house established in 1989 and based in Valencia, Spain. IDI EIKON is a Service Provider Company in the areas of Telecommunication and the Internet. Its core business is the development of advanced IT and Internet-based technologies for specialist markets.

IDI EIKON offers innovative solutions, designed from the beginning following accepted standards and agnostics in terms of equipment, allowing for complete objectivity of integration and a focus on the solution of the client's needs.

Innovative SME


· is our motto ·

Our solutions are pure Internet, work in the cloud and are accessible as “SaaS” (Software as a Service) or Licensed Software, if required by the customer. And can operate in multi-channel environments. The latest launches have their corresponding “apps” for mobile environments.

Perseverance, hard work and adaptability allow us to meet new challenges with the utmost enthusiasm and total guarantee of success.

Our culture and identity is based on continuous learning, respect for others and for customers, collaboration and diversity. We value above all qualities such as teamwork, sense of initiative, innovation, creativity and service-orientation, as well as analytical skills for critical thinking or problem solving through a continuous and active learning. As a borderless company being fluent in English has become an essential requirement. Knowledge of other languages is also valued.