Pyme innovadora

IDI Eikon, innovative SME


IDI EIKON has obtained the INNOVATIVE SME seal, awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

This seal has THREE YEARS validity from the date of its resolution (February 22). The permanence in this registry is voluntary.

The Innovative SME Seal is a recognition granted to small and medium-sized companies that have a highly innovative character so that these SMEs can take advantage of and combine tax incentives, incompatible without this seal.

What is the Innovative SME Seal? The Ministry of Science and Innovation, to reward SMEs with great activity in R+D+i, awards them this Seal as recognition. In addition, this seal has a dual purpose: (1) on the one hand, it allows the Administration to establish favourable policies and environments to help the growth of these companies and (2) identify easily these companies for public contracting.

Innovative SME