IDI Eikon provider of mobile applications

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IDI Eikon is implementing mobile applications (APPs) focused in the following topics: employment, health and business management.

In a hyper-connected world and increasingly mobile thanks to the use of ‘ smart phones ‘ (smartphones) , the company has gone a step further in creating APPs seeking better communication between private companies, organizations and citizens.

Currently IDI Eikon has developed eight mobile applications for employment promotion .

Five of them have been put in brand consistory as Mutxamel , El Campello , Silla, Alfas del Pi and Paiporta or in addition to the employment agency IMAN . The purpose of this app is to become a communication between citizens and job agencies.

The downloads of the job app are completely free for the user. Once installed on your ‘smartphone’ , you will start receiving the different jobs that are published as well as information on the labor market. The application is also available for tablets whose operating system is Android.

IDI Eikon , aware of the quality and potential for many businesses and start-ups that are dedicated exclusively to the development of apps, not pretend to be an expert in mobile applications development, we are looking to add value to our own services Internet-based , trying to provide customers greater visibility in the mobile environment and a channel on which to manage their processes.

At company level , the app to manage customers and perform real-time monitoring of the sales force (mobile CRM) has enabled a mobile interface to the ERP business managers IDI Eikon :

See in the following link some of our mobile applications: