IDI Eikon at the European Parliament with SEED project

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IDI Eikon coordinates SEED (Speeding Every European Digital) in 7 MS

Brussels, 23 January 2014


Proposed by the Croatian member of the European Parliament Ms. Sandra Petrovic Jakovina, during partner Region of Istria daily activities as regional representation in Brussels, IDI Eikon has been invited to present SEED at the EU Parliament.

IDI Eikon and the Consortium, unanimously agreed that presenting SEED at the European Parliament was a great opportunity it shouldn’t be missed. The meeting of all the partners in Brussels for the second review on the 24th of January, was considered an opportunity to celebrate the event the day before (in concomitance with the review) and avoid any additional cost.

The presentation of SEED at the European Parliament had the aim to present to private and public stakeholders in Brussels its potential and how they could benefit from it; that means to regional representations, administrations and public bodies, as well as to associations and NGOs at European level.

IDI Eikon provides SEED as an ICT tool (a cloud platform), to allow the above mentioned actors to present their work, activities, opportunities, offers and e-Government services, in a transparent, bidirectional and innovative way. In the current global environment of a lack of transparency and information of public administration around Europe, as it is perceived, SEED at the EP will show with practical examples, how it is possible to achieved those objectives.